Our Board of Trustees

Our Current Board Members are:

Board Chairperson: Lester Colaco

Parent Representatives: Lester Colaco, Lynda Leavai, Anna Gaugau, Malia Funaki

Proprietor's Representatives: Father Mathew Vadakkevettuvazhiyil SDB, Paulo Garcia, Regina Tovia

Staff Representative: Lina Faiilagi

Principal: Kathryn Hira

L to R: Ana Gaugau, Fr Mathew, Lynda Leavai, Kathryn Hira, Malia Funaki, Regina Tovia, Mafi Funaki-Tahifote, Lina Faiilagi, Marianne Booth, Lester Colaco, Paulo Garcia.

Role of the Board of Trustees:

The role of the Board of Trustees is one of governance, as opposed to management which is the responsibility of the school principal.


Governance means that the Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the strategic vision of the school and monitoring progress towards achieving it.  The strategic vision for St Mary’s School is set out in our Charter.  This document includes a strategic plan for the school which sets out goals and aims for the next 3 years and an annual plan which sets out the current years’ aims and goals.  


The principal is responsible for implementing the strategic vision set by the Board of Trustees and the school's day to day running.


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