Mathematics and Literacy Programmes form the foundation of our core curriculum. Every term, an Inquiry Topic is explored across the school. They may have a Science, Social Science, Health or Technology focus. The ideas and concepts are then put into suitable and appropriate contexts for the students. This process allows students to access all the NZ Curriculum objectives in their years at St. Mary’s School Avondale.

Assessment for Learning

St. Mary’s School uses the ‘Assessment for Learning" as the basis of our teaching philosophy. We believe that “Assessment for Learning" is an effective factor in raising standards of achievement and provides opportunities for all learners to achieve their best.

    In practice this means: 

  • Sharing learning goals with pupils

  • Involving  students in self-assessment

  • Providing  feedback which leads to students  recognising their next steps and how to take them

  • Adjusting  teaching to take account of the results

  • Confidence that every student can improve

Reporting to Parents


St. Mary's School reports to parents and whānau about information of their child’s progress and achievement in relation to learning entitlements set out in the New Zealand Curriculum. The school provides the following times of reporting to parents and whānau.


  • Early term one - Informal meet and greet

  • June- Mid Year Written Progress Report 

  • Term 3- Parent/Student/Teacher Learning Talanoa (discussions)

  • December- End of Year Written Report


Digital Fluency

A range of online systems, tools and resources are available to support digital learning at St. Mary's. The children use on line learning activities like Maths Buddy and Study Ladder Programmes. Other online programmes are used in different classes.

The school integrates use of digital devices and internet access via the school’s Ultra-fast network into classroom teaching and learning programmes. Our aim is to enhance student learning by accessing information, engaging in activities, resource sharing and communication. Digital learning is supported across the school through the use of chrome books, desktops, laptops and i-Pads. 

Learning Support Programmes

Assistance and other programmes  for pupils with physical, social, emotional and learning needs are available to enable them to fully integrate into the classroom. We have Learning Support Staff to work alongside these children and are supported by professionals from outside agencies. Special programmes, including Reading Recovery and Volunteer Support Groups are in place where they are needed.

Children with Special Abilities Programmes

Various extension programmes are offered throughout the year in different curriculum areas. Within the classroom environment, a variety of teaching strategies are used to ensure that each level of ability is challenged and extended.

Non English Speaking Background

Our school has an  ESOL support programme with many resources appropriate for English Language Learners (ELLs) including language focused activities, literacy support, computer, iPads and Chromebooks. These resources are constantly developed and adapted to ensure individual needs are met.

Extra Curriculum Activities

At St. Mary’s School  our children are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of events and activities, such as:

  • Religious Choir

  • Religious Activities  e.g. Masses, liturgies, altar servers, Mass readers

  • Sports Events: Athletics, Kiwi Sport, Rippa Rugby

  • Student Leaders- Head Boy, Head Girl, and student leaders

  • Special interest clubs e.g. knitting, chess

  • Bikes in School programme

  • Specialist Swimming lessons for all children

  • Lunchtime Activities e.g. Sports, Crafts, Library, ICT.

  • School trips

  • School Assemblies

  • Garden To Table- Gardening, Cooking, Bread Making, Baking and other related activities

  • Year 7 and  8 Camp

  • Annual Cultural Concert

  • Careers Programme for Year 7 and 8  students

  • Christmas by Candlelight

  • Science Expo


At St Mary's nurture and celebrate our country's bicultural heritage and have a strong commitment to honouring the Treaty of Waitangi.  We recognise and celebrate important events relevant to the diverse cultures within our school community, such as Samoan Language week, Philippine Independence Day and  Tongan Language week to name a few.


There are various activities to encourage art and music. Some examples include an annual Cultural  Concert, Carols by Candlelight and Art Exhibition to showcase individual and group talent as well as regular opportunities to perform at School Assemblies.


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