Room 10  (Years 7 and 8)



  1. Always wear the correct uniform and footwear for the season.
  1. If for some reason, you are unable to be in the correct uniform then you must give your teacher a letter of explanation from your parents.  That letter will only be valid for the time that is mentioned in the letter.
  2. Have the correct clothing for P.E. and G.T.T. (sports shoes, shorts, P.E. shirt and a school cap).
*To help our students to be proud of the work they produce in their books, we discourage any form of graffiti, scribbling or doodling on books and inside covers and will ask for this to be removed or recovered if it is found.
* Books will be sent home at the end of each term for parent feedback in place of the student portfolios.
During the year there will be trips away for sports and educational opportunities.  Please read and sign the consent form below to allow your child to travel in transport organised by the school or where they will walk to events close to school.
  1. Follow your classroom and behaviour rules closely.
  2. Failure to do so will result in one or more of the following consequences:
    • a warning
    • timeout
    • being sent to Mrs Hira
    • your parents being called.
     3. Seriously offensive behaviour like swearing or fighting will be dealt with immediately by Mrs Hira and 
      could result in suspension.
1. Take pride in your appearance.
2. All long hair should be tied back.  Hairstyles should reflect the pride children should have in their family, culture and
3. Uniforms should be clean and tidy.
4. Fingernails and toenails should be short and clean – definitely no nail polish.
5. No jewellery to be worn except ear studs (girls only) and watches.
6. We have prohibited the use of hair products (gel, wax, etc) because they cause a great deal of mess on our tables, 
     keyboards and monitors, library books and children’s books.
7. We have also prohibited boys from wearing earrings or any other “bling”.  Not only are the earrings unsafe to wear
    during sport and fitness but they also cause an unnecessary sense of “fashion consciousness” which has caused       
     problems for us in the past.
8. No wristbands, bangles or coloured bandanas.
9. The only exceptions to the above are religious symbols necessary to the practice of a child’s faith.


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